Frequently Asked Questions

General Conferencing FAQs
I want really fast entry. Can all the prompts be eliminated?
Yes, we have lots of different call flow options, including where people drop right into conference without having to enter anything!
I want to create my own user accounts on the fly. How do I do that?
We will provision you an Administrator account. This will allow you real time access to the system so you can create, modify, or delete user accounts on the fly.
How do participants join my conference?
  • Distribute your assigned toll-free number and Conference ID that is included in your welcome kit.
  • Participants dial into the same 800# and then enter your conference ID.
  • International callers should dial the country specific international toll-free (ITF) phone number for the country they are in. The ITF must be assigned and activated for your account (see below FAQ).
How do callers from outside the USA connect to my conferences?
We specialize in international participation, and offer Five different ways for your participants to get into your calls. In fact, we are one of the few companies that allow the host to dial out to international participants directly, without involving an operator. Our footprint covers over 80 countries and we have multiple numbers on different underlying carriers per country, so callers have a working number regardless of the network they are on. To avoid fraud, we only activate international access numbers on an as needed basis, so email or call us at 888-552-3446 or +1 303-390-0700 and let us know which countries and users need access.
I want to get my own Automated conference account. How can I?
Email or call us at 888-552-3446 or +1 303-390-0700 and we will be happy to provision an account for you immediately.
How can I add additional Subscribers to my account?
We’d be happy to provision additional users for your account. If you are the group administrator for your company, you can log into your administrator account and make these changes yourself. Or contact us by email or call us at 888-552-3446 or +1 303-390-0700 and we’ll do it for you.
Do I need to make a reservation to have a conference?
No. Your automated conference is available for you to use at any time 24/7.
How many people can I have join my automated conference?
Your account profile has a setting for the maximum number of callers you allowed in your conferences. If you are unsure of the number of participants your profile is set up for, you can log into your account and verify the number. If you need to increase your profile capacity, email or call us at 888-552-3446 or +1 303-390-0700 and we’d be happy to increase the capacity.
Can I control my conference using commands on my phone keypad?
Yes! The commands are located on the back of your Wallet Card and on our website here. You can also hear a list of commands while in conference by pressing **. You may also control your conference even further by logging into your account on our website here.
Can I record my Automated conference and when will the recording be available?
You can record your automated conference at any time throughout your conference. You can start the recording by pressing *2 on your telephone or you can log into your account and start your recording from the browser. You are not limited by having to start the call only at the beginning, and you do not have to reserve the function in advance. The conference recording is available immediately after your call by either downloading a wav/MP3 file, or calling into a playback recording over the phone. Please verify your contract for the associated charges.