International Calls

Quality International Conference Calls

International conference calls are an important factor in the success of many businesses. But they are often more difficult.  Different time zones, cultural norms, and accents are just some of the challenges.  Unfortunately, many conferencing systems present additional challenges as well.

Adigo specializes in international calls, so let us help you focus on your business content, not the tools.  We employ many hardware and software advances specifically for international calls.

 ”Our law firm connects with clients both regionally and internationally, so it was important to have our conferencing service be able to do the same. Adigo’s international calling services make it easy to connect with clients from around the world, without ever having to worry about the audio quality. It’s also great to work with at team who is always there when you need them.” -Van Ness Feldman

Easier International Calls:

  • Superior connectivity – large footprint with global access
  • Multiple carriers for each country to ensure every endpoint can connect
  • Multiple numbers for every country for redundancy
  • Higher quality audio 
  • Advanced transport so no latency issues
  • Operator entry if the ID is not recognized
  • Hosts can dial out globally without an operator
  • Custom webpages listing your access numbers in a format you approve
  • 4 digit IDs for faster and easier entry
  • System dial out internationally

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 Features for Hosts:

  • Host can dial out without an operator
  • Host can see live status in real time
  • Disconnect visibility and immediate redial
  • Chat communication with operator so host stays in the call
  • Four digit fixed conference IDs for faster entry
  • Live operator assistance for manual entry

At Adigo, the world is as close as next door. Your conferencing tools should look, feel, and sound as close without compromising ease and security. We provide full-service audio, video, and web conferencing with a number of advantages for you to collaborate internationally.  

  • Audio conferencing allows you to speak with people from different parts of the globe to discuss business matters.
  • Video conferencing makes it possible to add visual elements into the regular voice-only conversations to make meetings more intimate and interactive.
  • Web conferencing gives you the power to present data and make important discussions with a large audience in an economical way.

“Our foundation depends on the ability to make international conference calls. Adigo’s global coverage makes it easy and affordable to organize these calls, whenever and wherever they may be.” -National Non-Profit

The key to successful international conference calling is to have a provider that genuinely understands what matters in your business. There are many solutions on the market, but only a few can be customized to your industry. We make it easy, clear, and secure for you and your clients to focus on the international business at hand. Learn more and upgrade today.

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