Frequently Asked Questions

Operator Assisted Calls
Do you only offer Investor Relations calls?
No, we offer all types of Operator Assisted calls. We do provide Quarterly IR calls for public companies, and we also provide operator assisted calls for finance companies, company announcements, marketing webinars, and other events. We tailor the call to your specific needs.
We want to do a webinar but are not sure how. Can you help us?
Yes, many of our customers utilize our services for regular marketing webinars. We will walk you through the typical flow, and suggest specific ways for you to meet your objectives.
What different, enhanced options are available with my operator assisted call?
There are many features that are available. Since there is an operator you have unlimited flexibility in how you can run the call. Give us a call and let us know your requirements.
Do I need to make a reservation for my operator assisted conference?
Yes, we do require that you have a reservation for any of your operator assisted conferences. We prefer 3 days notice, but can accommodate most requests in a shorter time. Email or call us at 888-552-3446 or +1 303-390-0700 and we’d be happy to make your reservation.
Can I have the same person conduct my conference each time?
Absolutely, we understand the need to have an experienced individual that understands your needs and requirements on each of your conference calls. You will have a Call Partner that is dedicated to your account and will conduct and reserve all aspects of your conference calls.
How can I ensure that only the people I want to listen to the conference are on the call?
Provide us with a list of specific participants that are only allowed onto the call. If anyone else tries to dial into your conference, they are noted and either turned away or we can set up a screening conference for you.
How can I access my recordings?
The conference recording is available immediately after your call by either downloading a wav/MP3 file, or calling into a playback recording over the phone. Please verify your contract for the associated charges.