Frequently Asked Questions

Troubleshooting FAQs
I need to reset my PIN
If you have your username, you can click the “forgot password” link. If you forgot both, simply email or call us at 888-552-3446 or +1 303-390-0700 and we’d be happy to reset it for you.
How are the costs for my calls calculated?
We offer multiple pricing plans, so we tailor them to the usage requirements of your company. Your costs calculations are customized to your plan. Email or call us at 888-552-3446 or +1 303-390-0700 and we can look at your current pricing, and even look for ways to simplify and improve your plan.
When do I get my invoice?
Invoices are generally sent between the 5th and the 12th of each month.
How do I get a copy of your W9?
Email and we’d be happy to send it to you.
Who do I contact regarding billing questions?
Email or call us at 888-552-3446 or +1 303-390-0700.
What do I do if something is wrong with my conference (i.e. cannot get into call, background noise, etc)?
If you are in a Live Conference, press *0 and an Operator will join the call. Or contact us at 1-888-552-3446 and the person that answers will help you.
How do I get the Conference ID for my next call?
Your ID is fixed so it is the same for every call! It is not necessary to schedule a call ahead of time and get an ID for each call.
I want a short ID – 10 digits is too cumbersome. Is that possible?
Yes, we can provision any length ID you want. Many customers prefer to have their 7 digit phone number their ID.
I don’t like the beep that plays every time someone joins or leaves my call. Can that be changed?
Yes, we call the beep an ‘announcement’. Announcements can be configured on a user basis so everyone can have their own settings based on personal preference. Announcements can be configured different for the host and the participants, as well as different for entry versus exit.