Frequently Asked Questions

Web conferencing
Do you offer more economical plans compared to Go2Mtg. Do you offer Webex?
Yes, we offer flat rate packages with unlimited use, so it is extremely economical. We also offer several different industry standard plans, so we tailor them to the usage requirements of your company. Contact us and let us know your particular needs so we can quote the most economical plan to fit your needs.
Can I share other programs besides PowerPoint?
Yes, all of our solutions include desktop sharing of any application. It is also possible to pass control and have remote control into someone else’s computer. This is a typical example of how web conferencing is used for technical support.
Is video via a web cam possible?
Yes, all of our solutions include video conferencing built-in at no extra charge. A built-in web cam or USB version works fine.
Is a special program or download required?
No, our solutions are web based so no download is required.
Are Macs, iPhones, Android and other mobile devices compatible?
Yes, we support PCs, Apple and all mobile end points.