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Small – Medium Size

Fixed Based Pricing for Small – Medium Size Organizations
*new customers only

Fixed Pricing for Small – Medium Size Organizations
If you are part of a small to medium sized organization, you can benefit from our fixed pricing plan that charges a flat fee every month for unlimited minutes.

Benefits for these packages include:

  • Unlimited use audio accounts.
  • Perfect for small businesses with 10-20 users that want predictable expenses.
  • Ideal for domestic only calls.
  • Fixed access number and fixed 4 digit conference IDs.
  • No monthly fees – pay for usage only.
  • End user training.
  • Business hours customer service.
  • 100% Cloud-based solutions. Simplicity, quality and security.


Medium – Large Size

Usage Based Pricing for Medium – Large Size Organizations
For medium to large organizations that have a higher conference usage, this plan provides the flexibility of unlimited users and a wider variety of options to provide you with what you need to conduct a highly efficient and professional conference.


Unlimited User Accounts Eliminates need for sharing and coordinating who is using it; can tune prompts and call flow for each users preference.
Branded Toll-Free Minutes A professional toll-free vanity number to extend your company brand, such as 800-44 ACME.
Custom Greeting Professionally recorded greeting that extends your company brand: “Welcome to the ACME conference line.”
Capacity 100+ participants
Web Conferencing Optional Mutliple tools available so we can best fit match your needs with the best tool.
5 VIP Accounts Included Super fast and easy entry private vanity numbers each with a custom greeting, and where the conference ID can be turned off so participants drop right into conference.
Permanent Accounts Perfect for sporadic users, whereas most providers terminate accounts after 60 days of no usage or charge non-usage fees.

Discounts Available for Your Business


Adigo is committed to serving our communitites. If you are involved with a non-profit organization, contact us to see how Adigo can help support your efforts in making this world a better place.


The more you talk the more you save. For organizations that have a high volume of conferencing, Adigo has an option to tailor a package that fits your needs and your budget. See what we can do for you.


Tried Adigo and love it? Or maybe you aren’t affraid of commitment. Adigo values our long term relationships and shows our appreciation accordingly. Talk with a someone now about your options.


If you do business globally, you know the headaches international conferencing can cause. Not only does Adigo provide the highest quality calls, but we offer a discount for those routine longe distance calls. Find Out More.

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