“My Calls Always Start Late
Because It’s Such a Pain to Log In”

Just one example of why you need a better conference solution.


What Makes Us Different?

Adigo believes in making the world a better place by connecting people and ideas worldwide. Since 1999 we’ve provided audio, web, and video conferencing for businesses that need reliable collaboration tools. With Adigo, you get flexible conferencing features, enhanced functionality, and superior international calling, along with a responsive and dedicated account staff.

Organizations that depend on one-size-fits-all conferencing services lose money each month due to low quality audio, slow conference entry, time-consuming customer service, limited functionality, and sub-par international conference calling. Adigo’s quality, service, and enhanced conferencing features let you eliminate hidden costs, recover lost time and increase your organization’s productivity.


Our onboarding takes care of everything for you!

Quality Audio for Quality Conferencing

Quality audio is the main priority when it comes to your business’s conference calls. Many users blame audio issues on mobile phone users, but it could be your bridge provider. Do you notice degradation when there are many people on a call? How a conferencing provider implements their back-end directly impacts the audio quality of your calls.

Adigo utilizes multiple bridging systems and superior back-end implementation to eliminate line buzz, choppy dialogue, echo and dropped calls. What remains is a superior audio connection.


  • Proprietary audio bridging that focuses on speed, quality, productivity and customization.
  • No pops or echos
  • No one-way audio, touch tone issues
  • Active Talker Indicator identifies each speaker so background noise can be easily muted
  • Conversational speech without artifact, latency, or sync issues


  • We utilize Tier 1 carriers for higher quality, instead of less expensive alternatives
  • We directly connect to each of our carriers’ networks, instead of a consolidated single pipe
  • Our direct approach with QoS peering ensures cleaner lines without artifacts


  • Our hardware is custom built for faster processing speeds
  • We utilize Digital Signal Processing chips rather than software based applications for higher audio quality
  • High powered hardware allows us to keep more channels open, which makes for conversational speech as intended


  • Proactive in-country testing
  • Large footprint: approximately 100 countries
  • Redundant access: over 120 access numbers
  • Redundant carriers: multiple numbers per country
  • Options: Toll-free and local dial-in numbers
  • Dial-me feature (no access code needed)

I appreciate all your help and, just to let you know – your customer support is awesome!

– Linda G., Management Consulting Firm

The audio quality is far better on Adigo.

– Glenn M., Global Internet Company

You guys are great, so much better than our last company!

– Amber S., Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Thanks for the great customer support, you guys do a great job!

– Doug F., Real Estate Expert

We love your audio, you provide us great service. It is simple, straight forward, and direct.

– James, HR Consulting Firm

You all are great and so incredibly responsive!!! We certainly appreciate the team!

– Corinne, Healthcare Consulting

We really are happy with the services we have. Customer service is extraordinary.

– Dave, Marketing Agency

Adigo is quick to respond and easy to work with.

– Kay F. National Financial

I have enjoyed working with Adigo over the years. Great people providing a reliable and easy to use service.

– Tom, Business Management Consultant

Adigo is better than our previous vendor.

– Jim P. Global Internet Company

Discover The Flexibility Of Adigo Web Conferencing

Needs and technology such as screen sharing tools constantly evolve. Adigo offers 7 industry leading tools so your users are always up-to-date with the latest technology. This can mean a combination of different tools for different users. As your needs change, we help you stay in front of the curve.

Adigo researches the latest and greatest tools so you don’t have to. When new tools are introduced, we allow end users to change their web tool while keeping the audio accounts the same.

From small group conferences and project management meetings to large-scale marketing webinars, Adigo web conferencing tools are simple and precise, making it easy to connect and collaborate with your clients. Our services deliver top-of-the-line functionality while bringing cost-efficient solutions to companies around the world.

Real People. Real Voices. Real Customer Service.

Adigo continues to deliver best-in-class customer service and support, as it has for over 15 years. When your business needs solutions you want someone who knows your name and situation, and is technically proficient in finding immediate, practical answers. We understand how processes drive conferencing requirements.

We explain configuration options and provide you with the optimal settings for your situation. Our seasoned staff of conferencing professionals is cross-trained to resolve your questions directly—not triage to different departments — providing you with personalized service and a higher value.

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