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Conferencing Solutions for Every Business Need

We are here to change the way you do business. Our goal is to put an end to everyday problems with your current service provider and save you from settling. Adigo offers industry-leading services with an emphasis on high quality, customization and prompt support. We are fully aware that no two businesses have the same exact needs; that’s why cookie-cutter solutions have no room in your company. Our team will find the right system for your audio, video, and web conference needs.

Check out the top conference call features our customers love.

Experience Crystal Clear Audio With Adigo

Quality audio is the main priority when it comes to your business’s conference calls. Adigo utilizes multiple bridging systems and superior back-end implementation to eliminate line buzz, choppy dialogue, echo and dropped calls. What remains is a superior audio connection.

For more formal conferences, Adigo offers operator assisted audio conferencing. Clients are assigned a dedicated account team to ensure all aspects of their call runs smoothly. From the initial setup to after call support, users receive personal attention and professional execution throughout the call. The process is straight-forward and seamless, allowing you to focus on the call itself. Upgrade your audio conferencing services to include:

  • VIP accounts with private branded numbers and NO conference ID
  • Four digit fixed conference IDs, mapped to the last 4 of your phone number
  • Faster entry using call flows where nothing is required – callers drop straight into the conference
  • Operator entry if the ID is not system validated (most other providers disconnect after 3 attempts)
  • Optimized announcements and prompts for each users’ call type
  • Host initiated dial outs quickly get guests into calls
  • Private numbers and personalized IDs for high profile users
  • Activation by user and by country
  • Active Talker Indicator identifies each speaker so background noise can be easily muted
  • 1-click download of recorded calls
  • Automatic population of names
  • Multiple layers of security
  • Administrative access for real time changes and control
  • “Call me” feature eliminates need for codes
  • Mandatory accounting code entry to reduce overhead
  • Easily request for easy-to-read summaries or minutes of your meetings
  • Get end notes or transcriptions of key points or action items from your meetings

Web Conferencing Solutions

Needs and technology such as screen sharing tools constantly evolve. Adigo offers 7 industry leading tools so your users are always up-to-date with the latest technology. This can mean a combination of different tools for different users. As your needs change, we help you stay in front of the curve.

Adigo researches the latest and greatest tools so you don’t have to. When new tools are introduced, we allow end users to change their web tool while keeping the audio accounts the same.

From small group conferences and project management meetings to large-scale marketing webinars, Adigo web conferencing tools are simple and precise, making it easy to connect and collaborate with your clients. Our services deliver top-of-the-line functionality while bringing cost-efficient solutions to companies around the world. Upgrade your web conferecing services to include:

  • Application sharing
  • Transfer of host control
  • Question and answer capabilities
  • Polling
  • Video via webcam
  • Prompt Customer Support – from billing to technical concerns, our representatives are ready to help 24/7
  • Clean and intuitive interfaces for smaller groups
  • Medium-sized options for project management
  • Full featured solutions for large marketing webinar

The comprehensive solution for your most important conferences

Service options
The broad array of meeting features available with Event Call are skillfully managed and choreographed by highly trained Event Call Coordinators. The features are bundled into three levels of service:

1. Premium Event Calls The full suite of features that Adigo Conferencing offers, plus the real-time support of an Event Call Coordinator. Because Premium has everything you need to ensure a smooth, high quality business event, choose it for your most critical meetings. This service is ideal for important announcements and high-profile meetings such as investor and analyst relations calls, all-hands calls, and human resources announcements.

2. Operator Assisted Event Calls All the essential Event Call features and the active support of an Event Call Coordinator. Ideal for meetings that demand greater control and functionality, Operator Assisted calls feature a highly trained Event Call Coordinator, who assists with scheduling, greeting, and connecting participants. Operator Assisted calls can be enhanced with Premium Event Call features on an à la carte basis. This service is ideally suited to sales presentations, product introductions, seminars, and lectures.

3. Automated Event Calls The quickest and simplest form of Event Call without compromising on security. The features included in Automated calls are ideal for meetings that warrant the security of a unique passcode for each call but do not require the active presence of an Event Call Coordinator throughout. Popular uses include training courses, multinational conferences, and client meetings.

Benefits to your business
Speed and quality of communication is vital in today’s competitive environment. Whether it is announcing financial results to shareholders and investors, launching a product or keeping staff informed, how you communicate makes a difference. Upgrading your event conferencing services can help you to:

  • Reduce your administrative burden. Rely on the administrative services available with Event Call to reduce your work load. Choices include: pre-registration, lists of participants, tabulating the results of in-call votes or polls, replay of the meeting, and transcription services.
  • Schedule your meetings quickly and efficiently .In one easy conversation, an Event Call Coordinator will recommend features and reserve resources matched to the objectives of your meeting.
  • Improve your participants’ meeting experience. Choose from a number of conveniences that your participants will appreciate including: Global Access Numbers, live interpretation services, audio streaming (webcasting), replay links, and meeting entry options.
  • Host your meetings confidently. Event Call Coordinators handle all the technical and administrative aspects of your meetings so you can focus on delivering your message:
    • Placing presenters in a private subconference prior to the start of your meeting.
    • Providing announcements, introducing speakers, and playing pre-recorded material.
    • Ensuring the privacy of sensitive meetings by managing who can access the meeting.
    • Monitoring audio quality to proactively address any technical issues instantly.
    • Managing the order of questions and keeping you informed about participant attendance.

Video Conferencing Services

Video conferencing gives you the competitive edge. This technology lets you exchange information and resolve the problems faster; reducing the time you need to develop new products and services for your customers.

Whether you’re meeting with a manager from another branch, looking to hire talent from other cities, or wanting to seal the deal with a client located overseas, there’s no better way to hold a conversation than with a video conference call.

Adigo’s Video Conferencing solutions are built around industry-leading software and hardware. We bridge the gap between you and your clients while eliminating problems that can affect the conversation. Upgrade your video conferencing services to include:

  • Multi- tool support
  • Ability to view video from every participant
  • Tools for ‘hybrid’ environments involving both webcams and dedicated HD cameras and codecs
  • Multi-Tenant Video Conferencing (IP & ISDN) – ability to schedule and launch conferences, schedule rooms and provide recording services
  • Streaming – audio and video transmitted over the internet
  • Event Management – high-quality, customized production for the most complex corporate events
  • IP Video Connect – unified collaborative support, from launching private deployments on converged video, data and internet networks, to implementing advanced H.323 network service
  • Hybrid Solutions – accommodation of traditional High Definition locations along with web cams and mobile devices within one conference
  • Tandberg and Polycom
  • Affordable pricing and flexible programs
  • Prompt Customer Support – Be it billing or technical concerns, our representatives are ready to help 24/7

I am writing to commend Adigo for providing fantastic customer support while also providing huge savings for our web and telephone conference needs. We converted to Adigo in the mid 2000′s and immediately began saving in the thousands of dollars per month on our telephone and web conferencing expense.

– Steve C., Software Development

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