Solutions for Healthcare & Medical

Conference call services that let you focus on the important work.

Individuals in the healthcare industry are tasked with a wide range of responsibilities, whether it’s managing facilities, performing cutting-edge research, or saving lives. We take the time to fully understand your organization and configure our service to support your mission. Adigo audio conferencing, web conferencing and video conferencing services are reliable, cost efficient, and easy to use.

From research calls requiring transcription to global fieldwork calls, we provide easy access and clarity for specialized conversations in any situation.

Phone Service Features for Healthcare & Medical Organizations:

      • Less wait time using short call flows
      • Host initiated dial outs quickly get guests into calls
      • Live call control eliminates interruptions
      • “Call me” feature eliminates need for codes
      • Active Talker Indicator identifies each speaker and instantly transcribes the conversation
      • Background noise easily identified and eliminated
      • Automatic population of names
      • Small MP3 files for fast retrieval
      • Automatic recording for calls
      • Attendance reports for accountability

What You Can Expect from Adigo

      • Optimizing call flows and prompts
      • Individualized accounts
      • Administrative access for real time changes and control
      • Global connectivity for easier access
      • Best in class client services and support

We put our focus into communications so you can concentrate on the job at hand. 
Contact us – let’s work together.