Customer Service Defined for Conference Calling

The Top 10 Services you should get from your conferencing provider. Are you?

Success relies on company-wide collaboration, so conference calling, web conferences and video calls need to be productive and trouble-free. Nothing ruins an important call faster than dial-in delays or background noise. Your conferencing provider should offer customer service and support to eliminate these problems, including:

  • Free call monitoring
  • Configurations optimized for each user group
  • 24/7 Live Human Support for technical problems

Customer Services that Matter Most

Our ebook, Customer Service Defined for Conference Calling is a guide to the essential customer services you should expect from a conferencing provider. Use it to evaluate and choose a vendor with the services and technology you can rely on to support mission-critical collaboration. Essential services we discuss include:

  • Customized usage reports
  • International dialing out to call participants
  • Assigned account manager
  • Direct phone number to a live person

Download the ebook to learn the top 10 customer services you should be getting from your conferencing provider. You may be missing essentials your staff and executives need.

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Customer Service Defined for Conference Calling