Video in Everyday Conference Calls

Learn the benefits of video conferencing with your clients, partners and staff.

How can your company use video to increase productive collaborations, communicate more personably across long distances, and facilitate effective management? With sales teams spread across large regions, have you considered utilizing video to bring a sense of connection while reducing distractions in calls?

A significant portion of how we communicate is expressed non-verbally, so have you considered what you might be missing by not using video in calls? How might your message be getting lost in the limitations of voice calls?

Our How To Incorporate Video Guide looks at the ways different departments and teams can benefit from more video conferencing calls. Each department has its own set of needs that may not be met in the limited voice call collaboration.

This best practice guide looks at how you can:

  • Increase levels of engagement
  • Motivate for greater participation
  • Establish a more generative rapport
  • Develop credibility
  • Connect more fully
  • Help everyone contribute simultaneously

Put a face back into your company’s collaborations, bringing teams together regardless of location through this best practice guide for video conferencing.

The best practice guide will help you get more from your conferencing.

Download the Guide.
How To Incorporate Video Into Everyday Callss!