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Phone Support

If you have an urgent matter requiring immediate attention, please call:

(888) 552 - 3446
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Technical, billing or support questions:


For Specific Requests, Please Utilize The Links Below

If you want more information about Adigo, Contact Us.
If you want to make an operator-assist call, please complete our Operator Assist Request Form 72 hours prior to your call.
If you want to open a conferencing account, please complete our Conferencing Sign-Up Form.
If you want to add subscribers or additional users to your account, please complete our New Subscriber Sign-Up Form.

Adigo Mobile Application Guide

Just like using the website, you will need to sign in to the Adigo mobile app using your username and subscriber PIN.
The first time logging into the app, you will be asked to enter your name and organization.
Next you can select a phone number you would like dialed to begin a conference.
Once everything is filled out, press the “Start Conference” button and expect a phone call to the selected number shortly.
For more information about our Outlook plugin, click here.
For More Information, Check Out Our Resources