“Changing providers is such a hassle”

Not with Adigo – we provide a
refreshing UPGRADE

We’ve all experienced the pain of

End User Pain Points

  • Complicated meeting invites & directions delay start times
    Hunting down the invite to get all the long codes to enter a call is a hassle, especially when not in the office. My calls often start late because of this and the fact that our current system makes it very difficult for my attendees to enter quickly.
  • System interruptions slow down meetings
    There are too many prompts. I’m constantly being interrupted by our current system when people enter and leave the call, making it hard for everyone else to stay focused and move quickly through the meeting.
  • Background noises and audio quality frustrates attendees
    I can’t clearly hear what people say on my calls because our current system picks up distracting background noises from other calls. Even without background noise, our current system’s audio quality makes it hard to clearly hear what others are saying. The discussion is often stilted because people keep talking over each other, frustrating attendees and forcing the conversation to be slower and less interactive.
  • It’s difficult to get simple changes done so my account works the way I want it to
    I prefer different settings for my needs but the user interface and lack of support make it very hard to customize my account.
  • Our current system’s ineffectiveness makes me and our organization look unprofessional & ineffective
    It is crazy that in this day and age, conference calls can still be such a hassle some times. There has got to be an easier way.

IT Director Pain Points

  • Too many support requests distract my team
    The help desk requests for support with our current system is distracting my team, making it harder for us to focus on real issues.
  • Simple customizations requires my team’s support
    Our current system is set up in a way that makes it hard for our end users to set up and customize their accounts, meaning they come to us for help and support, making it harder for us to focus on real issues.
  • It’s too expensive, both for service and to support
    We get nickel and dime charges for all sorts of miscellaneous fees, and the rates are no longer competitive.
  • When there are issues, it is like pulling teeth to get credible diagnostics.
    Not often, but sometimes we get disconnects or really bad audio. Undoubtedly, it is with a high level executive or high profile customer. When I call support, I have to wait a long time to get a response, and usually it is a generic “we don’t see anything wrong”. This makes me look bad.
  • My Account Contact changes constantly – it’s like a revolving door.
    I can’t keep up with all the changes. And even when I do have the right person, it always goes to voicemail.

“Upgrading was as easy as dialing a new 800# (that now advertises us).
Staff liked the customized greeting and short ID a LOT better.”


Solutions that makes easy!

End User Solutions

  • Simple, FAST access leads to happy attendees and on-time meetings
    With Adigo, it’s easier to joing a call because you don’t have to find the invite. You can simply speed dial the access number from your contact list. Calls start on time with:
    • Private access numbers so the ID can be skipped
    • Simple 4 digit IDs that can be matched to your phone extension
    • Operator entry so the ID can be given verbally (especially helpful when driving)
    • VIP accounts also allow for no IDs so people join the call immediately after dialing the number
  • Silent participant entry & exit means no more interruptions
    Adigo will never interrupt your meetings because participants can enter/leave a call silently.
  • Intelligent audio technology provides best in class audio quality while cutting out background noise
    Receive the highest quality audio in the industry thanks to Adigo’s better transport, purpose-built conferencing bridges and dynamic TSA. Static, echo and jitter don’t happen on our system. Our backend is more expensive to operate but we think the resulting higher quality is worth it.
  • True duplex conversation means speech where everyone can hear everyone else, and even interrupt one another
    Ever wonder why people talk over others, or someone keeps droning on and on, oblivious to the others trying to interrupt. The problem is that the speaker can’t hear the others, because the conferencing system is setup to be in essence simple, or only one talker at a time.
  • Calls are more professional with a, company-branded user experience
    Adigo professionally records a greeting highlighting your firm. Greetings can also be recorded for high profile customers. This is provided at no charge.

IT Director Solutions

  • Dedicated support means fewer internal support tickets for your team
    Help Desks are getting squeezed with more to do and lower staffing. Receive fewer support tickets since end users can contact Adigo directly for responsive, local support dedicated to providing all users with help and training. This ranges from new account set up to existing account customization.
  • Adigo’s aggressive pricing model helps you save on costs
    We put in writing what the charges are, and you won’t get invoice creep over time. Many providers are notoriousfor adding fees later.
  • Upgrade your users without it being a big hassle
    In the past, changing providers was a hassle and took a lot of effort. With Adigo, it’s actually a refreshing Upgrade. We do the leg work for you so you can focus on more important tasks, and your end users find it remarkably refreshing to have such a simpler easier service.
  • Superior toolset means happier end users
    Adigo makes happier end users thanks to:
    • Company branding that establishes a more professional toolset
    • Higher quality audio
    • Simpler, easier and more productive calls

Adigo does all the work for you!

  • Step 1

    Collect User List
    – easy, we do it for you
  • Step 2

    Provision Accounts
    – easy, we do it for you
  • Step 3

    End-User Announcements
    – easy, we do it for you
  • Step 4

    System Email with
    Detailed Instructions
    - easy, we do it for you
  • Step 5

    – easy, we do it for you
  • Step 6

    Follow-up After First Call
    – easy, we do it for you
1. We assemble your user list from a spreadsheet, export from your current system, or by manually compiling the list from a recent invoice from your current provider.
2. We provision the accounts in 24 hours, so it is fast and easy.
3. We project manage a multi-step phone and email campaign to the end users, to ensure they know about their new and improved tools, and all the new benefits it will provide them.
4. We provide system emails that include detailed instructions for all users.
5. We provide group and 1:1 training to ensure everyone is comfortable and understands all the new benefits. We provide special attention and hand-holding for those important users.
6. We track and follow-up after first calls to ensure everything goes smoothly. We optimize accounts based on user feedback.

Best Practice Guide for better conferencing