Solutions for Professional Services

Optimized conferencing services for your custom demands.

Professional Services companies provide specialized services across varied industries. We take the time to fully understand your business and configure our conference call services to support your needs while looking for ways to reduce your overhead. Adigo audio conferencing, web conferencing and video conferencing services are reliable, cost efficient, secure and easy to use.

From salespeople and project management teams to high-level executives, Adigo has the technology to optimize a solution for each user’s needs.

“We love the branded greetings that Adigo offers! Working at an ad agency means working with a lot of high profile clients, and it is nice to be able to show our professionalism through small touches such as those.” -VML

Phone Service Features for Services Firms:

      • Faster entry using call flows where nothing is required – callers drop straight into the conference
      • Active Talker Indicator identifies each speaker and instantly transcribes the conversation
      • Customized announcements and greetings to promote your corporate identity
      • Automatic population of names
      • Background noise easily identified and eliminated
      • Automatic recording for calls
      • 1-click download of recorded calls
      • Small MP3 files for fast retrieval

What You Can Expect from Adigo

      • Speed for fast and engaging calls
      • High impact Webinars with integrated audio and visual components
      • User-friendly technology
      • Best in class client services and support
      • Branding to support your organization
      • Clear international calls

Business processes and tools directly impact your effectiveness. Raise the bar with Adigo conferencing services. Contact us today.